Betty’s Corner

2018, Betty Desire, June

June has arrived! We begin celebrations of Pride throughout the nation. This is the month that has been set aside for us to remember the hard work and sacrifice of those who have come before us and battled to the point of death so that we would have the opportunity to live and love openly […]

In the Mix

2018, Bridget Adams, June

Forty-nine years ago this month, police raided a club in New York. Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera led a group of angry, scared, fed up drag queens, gays, lesbians, and trans men and women in fighting back. It was the spark that became the fire, and it changed everything. It is the night that […]

Ask Terror

2018, June, Tara Almond

Dear ranters, Today is mother’s day and as I browse through all my old memory cards trying to find a photo of little baby egrets to send to my mom, I stumbled across some friends’ weddings I had photographed over the years. Right there, filed between photos of the time I met Senator Elizabeth Warren […]

The Queer Perils of Pauline: A Bibliography Of Queer Film

2018, June, lyle Pearson

[This is part two of a thee-part article, The Queer Perils of Pauline and Priscilla.] In his biography of Pauline Kael, Kellow claims John Schlesinger’s 1971 Sunday Bloody Sunday “posed a particular challenge for her,” if not two challenges—not only was the screenplay by Penelope Gilliatt, her co-critic at the New Yorker (each wrote for […]

Bellingham Tenants Union

2018, June, Robert Ashworth

As the cost of housing in Bellingham continues to rise, some folks have organized a tenants union. It can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter the address is https://twitter. com/BhamTenantUnion. The organization deals with landlord / tenant issues as well as advocating forms of city planning that lead to more affordable housing. […]

Press Release

2018, Bellingham Press Release, June

POEM BOOTH DESIGN CONTEST The POEM BOOTH Board is looking for an artist in Whatcom County (including students) to submit their designs for the POEM BOOTH, a converted poem booth on Forest Street side of the Community Food Co-op in downtown Bellingham. This public art project puts local poets’ work into the community. CASH AWARD […]

Porn As A Revolutionary (and Local) Act

2018, June, Tara Almond

An interview with Laura Hansen, maker of feminist porn. I met Bellingham’s Laura Hansen on a cold night early in January. I had gotten a call from a friend asking without too much detail if I would come to her home and take photos in exchange for food, wine and vodka drinks. Of course, being […]


2018, June, Matt Keller

June 1st/29th: Pluto On April 15th 1912 the infamous Titanic smashed into an iceberg and plunged into the cold depths of the Atlantic Ocean. What most people don’t know is that on the other side of the world in a small Korean village now called Mangyungbong one of the most notorious dictators was born. Kim […]

Ask Terror Almond

2018, May, Tara Almond

I’m often amazed at how quickly life can change. It’s like one minute you’re being dumped by a super hot Puerto Rican gutter punk-looking skateboarder who’s 10 years younger than you and the next minute you’re on a date with a Canadian talking about your top three porn search terms while your cute firefighter friend […]