Farmers Market Brings Shopping to the Next Level

2018, April, Justin Hawkinson

Good food and fun times abound at the Bellingham Farmers Market, located at Depot Market Square on Railroad Ave. The market starts their 26th season with a ceremonial “throwing of the cabbage” on April 7th. Every Saturday from 10:00-3:00 a selection of up to 150 local businesses will be selling their products and on peak […]

Avalanche of change

2018, April, Maria LaFollette-Bruno

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore musicals. Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen ,Carrie, Heathers….I’ll listen to anything. The latest album that I have on repeat is Hairspray. The themes of antiracism, inclusion, and fighting for justice are as important today as they were back in the ‘60s when the show was set. “You […]

3 a.m. Rant

2018, April, Tara Almond

PUT A CORK IN IT Dear Terror Almond, My cat keeps farting on me in my sleep, it’s HORRIBLE. Now my husband is angry because he says stuffing a wine cork in the cat’s butt is “cruel.” What’s a girl to do?? -Signed, Clara Uncorked… Dear Clara Uncorked, Putting a cork in your cat’s butt […]

Some Random Cuts: A Bibliography Of Queer Film

2018, April, lyle Pearson

I’ve been busy lately, with correspondence and attending nine film festivals, so I decided to go back to November and cut an article from my letters from then until March 25. Little did I know that I had enough stuff from November from around the world for a full column. Here are edited notes I […]

T* Talk

2018, April, Gabe Riggs

Racializing Sexuality Michel Foucault (1990) in The History of Sexuality writes: Sexuality must not be described as a stubborn drive, by nature alien and of necessity disobedient to a power which exhausts itself trying to subdue it and often fails to control it entirely. It appears rather as an especially dense transfer point for relations […]

Communism, Fascism, Socialism

2018, April, David Brown

Hi Betty Pages readers! I did it! At the ripe age of 42 (tomorrow) I have joined my first ever political party. While I have admittedly voted Democrat almost exclusively since I was 18 I have to say I was never quite able to buy into their party platform enough to officially join. As I […]

In The Mix

2018, April, Bridget Adams

Thirty-four years ago, on the first day of high school, I got sent to the principal’s office. During homeroom. I was literally less than 20 minutes into my high school career, and I was in  trouble. We had been given Student Contracts that we were supposed to sign, as an agreement to behave for the next four […]

Betty’s Corner

2018, April, Betty Desire

“You gotta give them hope!” In the aftermath of the March for our lives I was reminded of a previous tumultuous time. It was 1979 and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and councilman Harvey Milk had just been assassinated. During his campaign for office Harvey delivered a speech entitled you gotta give ‘em hope! His […]