Betty’s Corner

2018, Betty Desire, May

On the morning of April 18th My father, Edward G Endrizzi ended his 8 year battle with cancer. He peacefully transitioned from this life to his next journey from a hospital bed in is living room surrounded by family. This was Dad’s wish, and with the amazing people of Hospice Skagit and loving support from […]

In the Mix

2018, Bridget Adams, May

Somehow or other, we have made it back to Pride season. How is that even possible? That it’s been a year since last Pride? That Pride month is next month? That Bellingham Pride is in only two months? Usually, life seems very long to me, but not this year. This year, I would swear it […]

Ask Terror Almond

2018, May, Tara Almond

I’m often amazed at how quickly life can change. It’s like one minute you’re being dumped by a super hot Puerto Rican gutter punk-looking skateboarder who’s 10 years younger than you and the next minute you’re on a date with a Canadian talking about your top three porn search terms while your cute firefighter friend […]

The Queer Perials Of Pauline: A Bibliography of Queer Film

2018, lyle Pearson, May

[This is part one of a thee-part article, The Queer Perils of Pauline and Priscilla.] Brian Kellow, in his biography of Pauline Kael, writes of her sexual involvement with the gay poet Robert Horan at the University of California at Berkeley: “Her own attitude toward gay men was quite open and sympathetic.” But when the […]


2018, Matt Keller, May

May 4th: Saturn Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard was given by a drummer from an old MTV interview show. I can’t remember who it was but he stated “You have to know when not to come crashing down on the drums just as much as you need to know when to.” Tonight […]

Press Releases

2018, May

On June 12, 1933, a group of forty-three men from the Civilian Conservation Corps arrived in Shuksan in the Mount Baker National Forest. A week later they were joined by thirty enrollees from Illinois. By July 12, Company 2915 was at full complement of 200 men. During the summer and fall, the company worked on […]

Auxiliary Dwelling Units

2018, May, Robert Ashworth

Bellingham City Council is considering whether to allow homeowners to build auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs) on their properties in more of the single family residential zones. ADUs would be like a studio apartment above a garage or cottage home in the back yard. I basically think this is a good idea for many reasons. It’s […]

Avalanche of Change

2018, Maria LaFollette-Bruno, May

I live in a political bubble. There, I said it. There aren’t too many America First, MAGA nationalists out here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I’ve lived in four foreign countries over the past six years. While they are all wildly different in many ways, they are all affected in one way or another by the […]

Taxes Taxes Everywhere!

2018, David Brown, May

Hi Betty Pages readers! Once again, dear readers, it is tax season in both the US and Sweden. That lovely time of year when we get to painstakingly figure out how much of our earned income the government should return to us. That wonderful time when any errors that result in people overpaying the government […]