In the Mix

2018, Bridget Adams, June

Forty-nine years ago this month, police raided a club in New York. Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera led a group of angry, scared, fed up drag queens, gays, lesbians, and trans men and women in fighting back. It was the spark that became the fire, and it changed everything. It is the night that […]

In the Mix

2018, Bridget Adams, May

Somehow or other, we have made it back to Pride season. How is that even possible? That it’s been a year since last Pride? That Pride month is next month? That Bellingham Pride is in only two months? Usually, life seems very long to me, but not this year. This year, I would swear it […]

In The Mix

2018, April, Bridget Adams

Thirty-four years ago, on the first day of high school, I got sent to the principal’s office. During homeroom. I was literally less than 20 minutes into my high school career, and I was in  trouble. We had been given Student Contracts that we were supposed to sign, as an agreement to behave for the next four […]