Ask Terror

2018, June, Tara Almond

Dear ranters, Today is mother’s day and as I browse through all my old memory cards trying to find a photo of little baby egrets to send to my mom, I stumbled across some friends’ weddings I had photographed over the years. Right there, filed between photos of the time I met Senator Elizabeth Warren […]

Porn As A Revolutionary (and Local) Act

2018, June, Tara Almond

An interview with Laura Hansen, maker of feminist porn. I met Bellingham’s Laura Hansen on a cold night early in January. I had gotten a call from a friend asking without too much detail if I would come to her home and take photos in exchange for food, wine and vodka drinks. Of course, being […]

Ask Terror Almond

2018, May, Tara Almond

I’m often amazed at how quickly life can change. It’s like one minute you’re being dumped by a super hot Puerto Rican gutter punk-looking skateboarder who’s 10 years younger than you and the next minute you’re on a date with a Canadian talking about your top three porn search terms while your cute firefighter friend […]

3 a.m. Rant

2018, April, Tara Almond

PUT A CORK IN IT Dear Terror Almond, My cat keeps farting on me in my sleep, it’s HORRIBLE. Now my husband is angry because he says stuffing a wine cork in the cat’s butt is “cruel.” What’s a girl to do?? -Signed, Clara Uncorked… Dear Clara Uncorked, Putting a cork in your cat’s butt […]